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Yorkshire photography locations

Yorkshire has a fantastic array of places to photograph, from the Dales, the moors, big cities and the coast. When I bought my first DSLR camera, I wanted to get out there, explore and try to take some great photos. However I had no real idea of where to start. What are the best Yorkshire photography locations? Where is a good place to go at sunset? Where can I see wildlife? What city locations make interesting subjects? I’d seen many amazing photos of beautiful places around the county, but needed some inspiration to get me going.

About this blog

I created the Yorkshire Photo Explorer blog as a way of encouraging me to get out and see a bit more of Yorkshire and try to take some interesting photos along the way. I’m not a professional photographer, but more of an enthusiastic amateur. This blog is therefore not about how to take photos, it is about getting out and just having fun taking photographs whilst exploring this amazing county.

Many of the locations I aim to visit will be the classic tourist hotspots, which have been photographed many times before. However for me, it may be the first time. I also hope to seek out some lesser known places. I wanted to share my photos and where I took them for other people like me who want to take some great photos, but want inspiration for where to go (whether you are a Yorkshire resident or visitor)!

I welcome suggestions of where to go in Yorkshire for photography, so please contact me if you have any ideas.

About me

My name is Su and I live in Leeds. I love travel, exploring new places, wildlife and (obviously) photography. I’d always had an interest in photography since I got my first camera aged 7, but it wasn’t until 2014 when I finally took the plunge and bought myself a DSLR. I joined a couple of local camera clubs to learn some skills. After winning a number of camera club competitions, I decided to create this blog to show some of my work. My first love is wildlife photography, but I like to try all styles.