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Goit Stock Waterfall

Goit Stock Waterfall Goit Stock waterfall in Cullingworth, Bradford, is a good place to try out some long exposure photography. I’d recently bought myself a Neutral Density (ND) filter, so wanted to try it out on a waterfall to get some smooth water effects. While there are a number of well known waterfalls in the Dales, I wanted something a bit nearer for an afternoon trip. I never knew this waterfall existed until recently, and after a quick search on the internet, decided it looked like a good place to try.

I parked the car in Harden, near the Malt Shovel pub, as there was free parking on the road. The footpath passed through Goitstock woods towards the falls. I’d found an easy to follow walking map online from Bradford Council, and after about 15 minutes reached the falls. Immediately I was impressed by the setting, with the falls surrounded by a natural stone semi-circle. I got out the filters and started snapping away.

Goit Stock Waterfall

Path to Goit Stock Waterfall

The setting does make it quite dark, so a tripod is essential here. There were a few other people taking photos when I arrived, balancing cameras on rocks to try to get something decent. I stationed myself in the middle of the stream to try to get some low level shots with the rocks in the foreground. I wished I’d worn my wellies though, as balancing on the rocks was a challenge! There were also a number of friendly dogs going for a swim, so if you do try this, hang onto your camera (unless you want wet dog on your lens)!

By about 5pm, there were a lot fewer people around. Unfortunately it was also really dark by this point, despite being a summer’s day. I wanted to try out the 10-stop filter I’d bought, but the exposure time was getting on for 15 minutes plus. So I abandoned that and climbed up a bit higher to get a different view down onto the falls. Whilst there is not much climbing needed here, except to get right to the edge of the pool, it is quite slippery.

I’d definitely come back here to try a few more shots, with the wellies next time. I’ve also seen some amazing shots taken in winter, with huge icicles by the falls. One to try if we get a bad winter.

Here are some more photos taken on my visit (click on an image to enlarge):

Approximate post code (for sat nav) BD16 1BG (for the start of the walk by the Malt Shovel pub)
Parking Free on street parking on Wilsden Road (limited parking)

Location of the waterfall:

Notes for next time
  • Wear wellies
  • Try to go on a quiet day
  • Late afternoon is a good time to go

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