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Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave

The variety of places to photograph in Yorkshire never ceases to amaze me. Ingleborough Cave, located near the village of Clapham in North Yorkshire, is a case in point. This truly stunning cave has a whole range of different things to photograph, from macro details through to wide angle atmospheric shots of the limestone interior. The cave is lit by floodlights, which are well placed for photographers, illuminating the beautiful details in the cave walls.

Ingleborough Cave

Ingleborough Cave

Donning your hard hat at the cave entrance (needed for the low ceilings at some points), the easy to follow path heads into the cave. You are soon greeted with numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Keep your eyes on the small stream alongside the path, which affords some great reflections of the cave ceiling. I visited on a very wet day, so the constant drips hampered some of the reflections. During drier spells, the guide explained that you can get some crystal clear reflections.

Towards the back of the cave were my two favourite reflections pools. The first looks to me like a mini city of blueish skyscrapers when reflected in the pool of water. The second is more dark and imposing, but full of intrigue due to the patterns on the walls (see main picture above).

In the cave walls, look out for the fossil remains of coral and sea snails, evidence of a much warmer climate. These make great macro shots. The guide showed me how to illuminate them with a torch:

Fossil coral, Ingleborough Cave

Fossil coral

This was my first time photographing a cave and definitely won’t be my last. My tips from my visit are to bring a tripod and a torch. Also look out for the photography days advertised on Ingleborough Cave’s website or Twitter feed, allowing you to spend more time getting those shots you’re after. I’d also like to thank the team at Ingleborough Cave for showing me around and pointing out the best bits to photograph!

Here are some of the photos from my visit:

Approximate post code (for sat nav) LA2 8EA
Parking There is parking at the Yorkshire Dales National Car Park in the village of Clapham (charges apply). The entrance to the trail is a short walk from the car park. The cave entrance is 2km from the village along the trail.
Website http://www.ingleboroughcave.co.uk/

This is the location of Ingleborough Cave:

Notes for next time
  • Come back on a drier day for some more reflections photography
  • Look at ways of reducing noise by experimenting with ISO/shutter speeds
  • Look at sharpness front to back (maybe try stacking more shots)

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