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Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Thornton Force, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The Ingleton Waterfalls Trail in the Yorkshire Dales has an impressive number of waterfalls to photograph, including the most famous of the falls, Thornton Force (picture above). The trail is an enjoyable four and a half mile walk and has been a popular tourist destination since it first opened in 1885¹. It was overcast on the day I visited, so ideal weather for photographing waterfalls.

I arrived at opening time to avoid the crowds and parked at the main car park at the start of the trail. There is an entrance fee, but at £6 was not too bad. Arriving early was definitely a good idea, as I could take my time setting up the shots and not getting in people’s way. Later in the day there were a lot of people around and it was much more challenging to take pictures without people in the frame.

Bridge, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

The bridges are not for those scared of heights!

The first falls you reach are Pecca Falls and you can hear the roar long before you see them. I found it difficult to get a shot of the First Pecca Falls. The view is from a narrow bridge, so no room for the tripod. I therefore took a few handheld shots. Pecca Twin Falls just upstream was a bit more successful and there was room for a tripod at the small viewing area. There had been a lot of rain recently, so I found it tough to photograph the falls without making them look like a white blob. This was even truer for the next falls at Hollybush Spout. At least it was all good practice.

Thornton Force, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Thornton Force

Walking on a bit further you come to the impressive Thornton Force. This was my favourite of the falls to photograph. I can see why the artist William Turner was inspired by this location. There are some rocks you can use for foregrounds and a few different compositions to try. A path also leads up to the side of the falls. When it hasn’t been raining so much, you can also get behind the falls. I wasn’t going to try this as it was far too dangerous when I visited, but worth a try if we have a dry spell. I highly recommend keeping some lens cloths handy here, as my lens got very wet with the spray!

After Thornton Falls, you cross Twisleton Lane and into the open countryside with some lovely views up to Ingleborough. I want to come back to this area to do some sunsets up on the limestone pavement at Twisleton Scar End. For now though, I just enjoyed the views.

Looking towards Ingleborough, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Looking towards Ingleborough from the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Heading back into the woods, you come to Beezley Falls. With the amount of water, I couldn’t get any decent shots here. However I really enjoyed trying to photograph the next waterfall along, Rival Falls. The path is narrow in this location and I had to be quick in between the crowds. The trail then leads past Baxenghyll Gorge, with a viewing bridge that is not for the faint-hearted, and Snow Falls. The trail finishes in the village of Ingleton where you can have some well-earned fish and chips.

I really enjoyed my trip to the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail and trying to photograph the different falls. Here are some of my photos from my visit (click on an image to enlarge):

Approximate post code (for sat nav) LA6 3ET
Costs There is an entrance charge to the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail. It is cash only.
Parking There is a car park at the start of the trail. The price for the parking is included in the ticket price.
Website http://www.ingletonwaterfallstrail.co.uk/

Location of the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail:

Notes for next time
  • Come back when there has been less rain to get some different types of shots
  • Go early
  • Have lens cloths to hand for wiping away spray

¹ Ingleton Waterfalls Trail website [accessed August 2016] http://www.ingletonwaterfallstrail.co.uk/history

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