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The Eshton Copse of Trees

Eshton copse of treesThe road between the villages of Eshton and Airton in the southern Yorkshire Dales affords some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. I had seen some photos online of trees in the area and was struck by one particular copse, perched on top of a small hill. Earlier this year, I decided to drive through the area on the way back from a trip into the Dales to see if I could find it.

I had no idea where it was as there are so many trees visible on Google maps. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that it was immediately obvious right by the road. Although it was cloudy and overcast, I pulled over to take a photo.

Eshton copse of treesWhen I got home, I vowed I would make another trip here at sunrise, to try and capture an interesting sky and the sun rising in the background. I recently got the chance to come back and luckily the weather was looking good. It was an early start, but on the plus side it meant there was little traffic on the road. There was some interesting colour in the pre-dawn sky, which I think contrasted nicely with the dark trees.

Eshton copse of trees pre-dawnYou can take photos of the copse from the road side, so it is a very easy location to photograph. I took all of these with a zoom lens to try a few different compositions. There was even some atmospheric mist lingering on the hill in the distance:

View towards Cracoe monument from EshtonJust by the wall at the road side, there is a tree stump you can use as foreground for something a bit different:

Eshton copse of treesOnce the sun broke over the horizon, it created some great contrasts and shadows across the field.

Eshton copse of trees sunriseEshton copse of treesThis is a very photogenic spot in Yorkshire, particularly with a good sky, and I would therefore recommend a visit. Here are a few more photos of the Eshton copse of trees:

Approximate post code (for sat nav) BD23 3QJ
Parking You can pull in by the side of the road just by the copse to take your photos (pictured on the left here, with the copse visible on the left in the field):

This is the location of the Eshton copse of trees:

Notes for next time
  • Try another sunrise!
  • A misty/frosty morning might work for something atmospheric

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